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Gregory Halsall

Loan Officer

NMLS# 202223
CO License 100022093

"If it makes sense, we'll get it done, and fast."

Most lenders who say this are providing lip service, but Fairway Mortgage was built on service to clients first.

If you are a Real Estate Agent, then you know that most lending problems occur in the stratosphere of middle management, where vision of taking care of the client is lost in the bureaucracy.

Our company was built first to help Real Estate Agents with building their businesses. That's why we won't close refinances in the last week of the month. That time is reserved for real estate clients and managing their contract closing dates.
Both the company and I are about communication and getting things done. When we submit files, it's not about getting it in, it's about structuring the loan file for an APPROVE CLEAR TO CLOSE from the first moment we touch the file to the final moment when the title company is handing over the keys to a client's new home.

With this company, our processing and underwriting are not just in house, they are in my office. When there is a problem, a team of people will drop everything to help out and most problems can be solved within an hour. If your current lender can't say that, maybe it's time for a new lender.

Experience the power of team. Give me a call at: 720-261-5181 to experience the Fairway difference.